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How Do We Get Paid?

How We Are Compensated

  • How we are paid depends on the type of service we are providing.  If we are helping our client with a comprehensive financial plan, or working on Creative Tax Planning for our client, we may charge a planning fee that is based on the time and scope of the plan.
  • If we are managing assets for our client, we have a variety of ways that we are compensated, and we are very transparent about it.  We may use discretionary advisory accounts that are fee-based on the size of the assets.  Some clients prefer to pay a sales load "up-front" rather than having fee-based accounts, and we can accomodate that.  Other times we may use an investment product with an insurance company where we are paid a commission.  
  • Bottom line: you will never be in the dark about how we are paid.  It is important to us to earn your trust, so the last thing we want is for you to be unsure about how we earn our compensation.  

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