Our Process

Strategic Legacy Advisors, Inc. - The Legacy Advisor Method

At Strategic Legacy Advisors Inc., rather than trying to make a product fit your financial strategies, we first assess your goals and expectations and then develop a plan that best meets these objectives. By following our legacy advisor method we are able to better understand you to devise your unique personal plan.

  1. The Legacy Advisor Method - We explain who we are, how we work, what we do, and the tremendous value proposition we expect to bring to each relationship.
  2. The Discovery of Values Process - We gather, share, and discover insights about your dreams and goals and assess your current situation to try to determine how to best help you.
  3. The Legacy Advisor Strategy - As a result of our in-depth research and diagnostic planning, we meet to customize and refine our Family Legacy Coach Strategy.
  4. The Unique Legacy Solution - We present a set of finalized Family Legacy Coach System recommendations.
  5. The Legacy Network Approach - We work with other key advisors, professionals and family members to implement and communicate the plan to ensure completion and understanding.
  6. My Unique Legacy Model - This is an evolutionary process that looks to the future where we carefully monitor the results.